Monday, August 15, 2011


Right now, we're filming the book trailer for Defiance. I'm excited to be doing it - not to mention incredibly indebted to those assisting me - and it's been a real trial-by-fire project. I'm filling in the role of Vivian, my horse is Dalton (obviously), and someone else to be the anonymous bad guy that stands in as the entire enemy country Bulvan (clearly it was easier to use one symbolic role than hundreds). Filming has been hilarious. My acting talents are a bit of a joke but we work with what we've got. I'd like to get a teaser trailer out by Sunday night, so check back for that. Your reactions are what matter the most! (:

I'm writing the sequel to Defiance as well and it will be called Righteous, due out next year! The arrangements for the cover will be shot during the fall, preferably before the freezing winter sets in and we have to wander around in 18 degrees of blistering winds. (That's always fun.) More on that when we get closer to November and the cover is in the works.

That's it for now, but do me a favor and check back! Teaser trailer - Sunday night. You - come back and check it out!

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