Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Me talking about... me?

I have been trying really hard to think of something to blog about, yet nothing comes to mind... and I feel obligated to display the writings of my life somewhere on the Internet, if only to get people aware of my book! My life isn't all that interesting, I can assure you. It's horribly boring.

I have a horse named Munchkin, three cats, and had to stop volunteering at the local shelther because I was adopting too many animals. I love dogs and used to own several, but every time I ask for another one, I get one of those cross-eyed looks from my parents. Besides my not-so-small obsession with animals, I am talented with a camera and Photoshop, baking, annoying my sister, running and soccer. I do a million things all the time because I can't stand being idle. I love the winter and fall but like the freedom that comes with summer (90 degree heat withstanding). Country music is my thing, but that doesn't mean I exclude everything else. Love is one of the most unique concepts around and I firmly believe in white knights - so do me a favor and keep your eyes peeled for one.

Enough of me talking about me. I said on my website that I would put an excerpt of Defiance online today and I'm not going to go back on my word... check out the website later to see a sneak peek ;)

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