Sunday, November 27, 2011


It's been a good two years (oh gosh, nearly three) since I started Defiance, bored out of my mind and sitting on my bed. The two characters I thought of first were Vivian and Revin. Teris came next and Declan was an afterthought. They are the perfect dysfunctional bunch I think, or maybe that's just because I love them so much.

That book practically flew out of my fingertips. It was this mindless storm of words that were taking up way too much space in my head and the second they were written, I could think again.

I know that some authors have a preference to start the sequel immediately, and some don't. I am with the latter. The writing process - for me - should be deliberate; I have to be in the mood, with the right song on repeat, whether it's sitting in the woods somewhere or camped out on my bed. Everything is planned out. There's nothing worse than to start writing and, for instance, this glaring list of chores there to remind me the dishes weren't put away. So when I finished Defiance, I didn't touch my laptop for a while.

So the second one goes by. Like 124 pages of going by. Then I hit a block... and it's still there.

I'm most certainly going to loose my mind if it doesn't go away soon! Well, this is what I was feeling about Righteous. I said to myself, "this is boring. Let's do something different for a little bit." So I wrote two months about this random little story. Then that got boring and since transitioning back to Righteous, I've written... one page.

One measly page.

Like, really? I want my ideas back.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cover Musings

I'm thinking about the cover for Righteous, the next book in the Successor Series. I think this is one of the low points for a self-published author, being that we have to make our own contacts for such things. That being said, I can't help but wonder who should be on it. Vivian, Revin, and Teris or Vivian and Jonas? Because if I'm to shoot that, I'll need X amount of weeks to design it, then I need to find models... like now.

Defiance was so much easier. It was just me and Munchkin. Now I've gone and complicated things.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I can't write these posts to save my life! I've resorted to showing you my photography. That, at least, is a guarantee.

All my photography can be found at deviantART and Flickr.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Never forget.

"...for those of us who lived through these events, the only marker we’ll ever need is the tick of a clock at the 46th minute of the eighth hour of the 11th day."

Monday, August 15, 2011


Right now, we're filming the book trailer for Defiance. I'm excited to be doing it - not to mention incredibly indebted to those assisting me - and it's been a real trial-by-fire project. I'm filling in the role of Vivian, my horse is Dalton (obviously), and someone else to be the anonymous bad guy that stands in as the entire enemy country Bulvan (clearly it was easier to use one symbolic role than hundreds). Filming has been hilarious. My acting talents are a bit of a joke but we work with what we've got. I'd like to get a teaser trailer out by Sunday night, so check back for that. Your reactions are what matter the most! (:

I'm writing the sequel to Defiance as well and it will be called Righteous, due out next year! The arrangements for the cover will be shot during the fall, preferably before the freezing winter sets in and we have to wander around in 18 degrees of blistering winds. (That's always fun.) More on that when we get closer to November and the cover is in the works.

That's it for now, but do me a favor and check back! Teaser trailer - Sunday night. You - come back and check it out!

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