Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let's Make Some Magic

It really does feel magical. I can't say I've ever been this excited - or stressed - about something in a while. I've had this dream coming for some time and it's finally here, ready to be shared. And I can say I'm truly thrilled to be able to announce that. I can have people reading the very fictional world that I love. I can maybe - someday - have a conversation with someone about my characters. I can have a lot of things, but chief among them is the pleasure of having people enjoy Defiance.

I'll keep it short, but there are some people who deserve a greater thanks than I could give. My sister, my dad, Melinda - you all are wonderful. You all perservered through my neverending questions and seemingly one-track mind, no matter how annoying I was. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Starting at midnight, I hope someone will take a chance on Defiance. Read it. You might hate it or you might love it. Either way, you'll never know until you try.

The adventure starts here.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Me talking about... me?

I have been trying really hard to think of something to blog about, yet nothing comes to mind... and I feel obligated to display the writings of my life somewhere on the Internet, if only to get people aware of my book! My life isn't all that interesting, I can assure you. It's horribly boring.

I have a horse named Munchkin, three cats, and had to stop volunteering at the local shelther because I was adopting too many animals. I love dogs and used to own several, but every time I ask for another one, I get one of those cross-eyed looks from my parents. Besides my not-so-small obsession with animals, I am talented with a camera and Photoshop, baking, annoying my sister, running and soccer. I do a million things all the time because I can't stand being idle. I love the winter and fall but like the freedom that comes with summer (90 degree heat withstanding). Country music is my thing, but that doesn't mean I exclude everything else. Love is one of the most unique concepts around and I firmly believe in white knights - so do me a favor and keep your eyes peeled for one.

Enough of me talking about me. I said on my website that I would put an excerpt of Defiance online today and I'm not going to go back on my word... check out the website later to see a sneak peek ;)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

This Whole Publishing Process

...Is that what they're calling it? I feel like it's a hiking trip gone bad - you've prepared, prepared and prepared, and something doesn't work like it should. So I'd like to talk about it because I'll be the first to admit, the publishing side of things doesn't have me concerned, it's the marketing.

I'm a writer but that doesn't make me anti-marketing. I'd love to learn about it, if I had the time. Except I'm doing everything else and it seems that doing everything makes me increasingly more frustrated as time goes on. Why? Because there's never been enough time.

My first novel doesn't debut until June 30th. That should seem like enough, you say. I feel like it could be plenty as well, but once I think about school, SATs, my horse, exercise, friends and maintaining some sort of social life, the fantastical number is immediately halved. Then I'm working on the marketing enigma in the time that I spend doing other things. I'm always brainstorming ideas, always trying to think of creative ways to get people involved. I worry, having not the experience I should, nor the following that other authors have. I need both and they only come with time.

Whether this attempt can be called humorous or not, I am trying. I want so many people to have the opportunity to read my story and love it like I do, that I'm willing to go to extreme limits to make it available. I'm trying to find the interested readers in this online world, but it's like finding a needle in a haystack. Maybe they will come because I've tried like an idiot in a million different, embarrassing ways. Maybe they won't. Either way, we'll know in time.

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